Deep Dive: Sales & Marketing Innovation

Sales and marketing teams are at the forefront of crafting pharma’s public-facing messages, and as such are under immense pressure to adapt to a world that is rapidly embracing innovations like big data, social media and AI. But at the same time, companies savvy enough to shift through the noise about technology to identify real opportunities are poised to capitalise on these trends.

In this issue of Deep Dive, with the help of experts from across the industry, we take a look at how sales and marketing teams can navigate this complex new world and harness the full potential of innovations in the sector.

Aurora’s Siân Hurst and Chris Bath tell us why they have started using data and insights to measure the success of comms strategies and design more impactful programmes. And Rosanne Campbell and Andrew Thomas from Syneos Health discuss the importance of preparing a value proposition as early in drug development as possible.

We also have interviews with two agency leaders – Healthware’s Roberto Ascione and Havas Health & You’s David Hunt – about their journeys through the industry and their reflections on where things are heading.

Elsewhere in the issue, IQVIA’s Sarah Rickwood looks at how new, game-changing drugs are affecting launch strategies and Professor Brian D Smith shares some of his findings on what makes a good pharma leader – always an important position when it comes to driving innovation forward.

I hope you enjoy the issue.

Kind regards,

George Underwood – Editor, Deep Dive: Sales & Marketing Innovation

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Next issue: Digital Health (October 2019)
• Trends in mobile health
• AI and machine learning

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