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Welcome from the Editor

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Reimagining the future of healthcare

Johnson & Johnson Innovation’s William Hait talks about how the company is aiming to change the trajectory of human health through new approaches to R&D

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Company Profile: IDEA pharma

IDEA Pharma on identifying as many paths to market as possible around phase 2, and not getting stuck on a ‘conveyor belt’ to inadequate phase 3 trial results

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Innovating clinical trial recruitment
Innovating in clinical trial recruitment

Havas Lynx Faze discuss how talking to patients could prove to be a huge innovation in patient recruitment for clinical studies

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Ruth March
Precision medicine: the next steps

AstraZeneca’s Ruth March talks about how precision medicine has changed and how it will continue to evolve in the near future

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Access and commercialisation deep dive
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Realising the potential of wearable tech

Spire Health on how it is addressing the key problems with using wearable tech in clinical trials, such as usability and accuracy

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A lifeline for rare disease patients

Sean Richardson and Charles de Wet on how Alexion are tackling the challenges in developing orphan drugs

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Living with LHON: Adapting to sight loss at 15 years old

When faced with a devastating diagnosis, a family has two choices – to give up or make it their mission to adapt and carry on

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Daily News from pharmaphorum
The pharma world at your fingertips

Daily News from pharmaphorum – insights and analysis on the big trends shaping healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry

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How pharma can support doctors who treat rare diseases

Where do doctors see patients with rare diseases, how do they keep up with treatment advances and what can pharmaceutical companies do to help?

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The patient perspective on advocacy

Partnership manager at Inspire Seth Rotberg talks about learning to live with a rare disease and his passion to help others do the same

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Strength in numbers: Because having a rare disease isn’t rare

Global Genes’ Nicole Boice about why rare diseases need to be a global priority, and why she hopes her own organisation is heading towards obsolescence

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