Deep Dive: Patients and Partnerships

The world is slowly, gradually, hopefully emerging from the shadow of COVID-19 and as it does so there is, as Alnylam’s Kasha Witkos notes in this issue, a unique opportunity to re-discover what matters most to patients.

“Patient centricity is continually evolving and as an industry, we must evolve with it if we are to leave a legacy where we can say we made the biggest difference we possibly could,” she explains.

Patient access also features prominently in this issue of the magazine, with Astellas vice president of global pricing Mig Sleeper explaining why it’s time to rethink how value is defined.

Elsewhere in the issue there’s informed commentary on health literacy, patients’ role in the healthcare conversation and we also look at R&D innovation in areas such as biomarkers and real-world data.

Dominic Tyer – managing editor, Deep Dive

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Digital Health Innovation (November 2021)
• Pharma’s evolving approach to oncology
• Healthcare transformation


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