Deep Dive: Oncology 2022

As we have witnessed over the past three years, when life sciences companies, policymakers, and patient groups pull together towards a common goal, we are capable of remarkable achievements.

Now, we are faced with an opportunity to apply all that we have learned during the COVID-19 response, to tackle another, lingering opponent – cancer.

Over the past few decades, researchers have made tremendous strides in the fight against cancer in all its forms. With each new drug and therapeutic innovation added to the oncology diagnosis and treatment toolkit, patients and their caregivers are given a greater chance of combatting the disease.

Even in the most challenging of circumstances, realising the promise of emerging treatments remains a central value shared by all of our contributors. In this issue of Deep Dive, Advanced Clinical’s Christopher Oelkrug takes us through the potential of therapeutic cancer vaccines, Nick Kenny and Dr Stephen Keith explain the importance of improving diversity in oncology trials, and Phesi’s Dr Gen Li discusses new approaches to clinical trials in cancer.

From the insights shared within this issue, there is a clear sign that researchers, clinicians, and patients remain dedicated to realising a future without cancer. A worthy fight if ever there were one.

I hope you are staying safe and well.


Eloise McLennan – editor, Deep Dive

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