Deep Dive: Market Access 2024

Against a backdrop of escalating healthcare costs and resource constraints, ensuring patient access to vital medicines is an uphill battle for pharma companies. From navigating complex regulatory landscapes and reimbursement policies to overcoming market exclusivity hurdles, successfully overcoming the myriad obstacles encountered on the path to market and beyond is both a science and an art.

But, as this issue’s contributors illustrate, the industry does not shy away from a challenge.

With multiple big-name biologics nearing the precipice of a steep patent cliff, pioneers in biosimilars are primed to take a slice of the market, bringing hope for more affordable medication options in the US. But, patients may have to wait to access those competitor products. In this issue, delve into the high-stakes patent games drugmakers play to extend exclusivity windows.

Elsewhere in this issue, Alexion discusses the urgent need for accelerated access programmes for rare disease treatments, Putnam (part of Inizio Advisory) explores common pain points and best practices in integrating market access considerations into investment decisions, and in a double feature, pharmaphorum’s Jonah Comstock and Nicole Raleigh dive into the world of AMR.

Plus, we find out what is driving ongoing ADHD drug shortages and experts on the floor at Reuters Pharma US share their views on improving access to affordable therapeutics.

For all this and more, read on.

Eloise McLennan – editor, Deep Dive

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