Deep Dive: Market Access 2021

Pharma market access has been a key focus for pharmaphorum ever since the company was founded 12 years ago, but it’s fair to say there has never been a more interesting time for the area than now.

Not only has COVID forced companies, governments and healthcare systems to work towards approving drugs and vaccines in record times, the sector is also facing an influx of digital therapeutics and advanced drugs that don’t fit neatly into existing access frameworks.

We take a look at all these intersecting topics in this issue of Deep Dive – with experts from across the industry sharing their predictions for the future and their advice on how companies can navigate these paradigm shifts.

This month we’ve also focused on new ways to bring the patient voice into the industry, from drug development to post-marketing support – and it’s been encouraging to see several of our thought leaders highlight how patients are becoming increasingly important for HTA approval.

It’s just another example of how the industry needs to think more broadly at every level – when it comes to success in the current environment, every solution, stakeholder and function counts.

I hope you’re staying safe in these unpredictable times!


George Underwood editor, Deep Dive

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