Market Access: Breaking Barriers

It’s hard to believe that the last issue of Deep Dive went out in a world without lockdowns, mass economic disruption and overloaded healthcare systems – but now the industry has been forced to make ten years’ worth of changes in two months thanks to COVID-19.

In this special issue of Deep Dive we look at what the pandemic means for the industry’s market access efforts – with insight from analyst Leela Barham and various speakers at this year’s eyeforpharma virtual conferences – and also give some practical tips on how companies can accelerate the digital transformation necessitated by lockdowns.

But coronavirus is a drop in the ocean compared to the countless other diseases pharma is trying to tackle.

It’s important that we don’t forget about that during the current chaos, so pharmaphorum has assembled some of the industry’s top experts to explore the market access challenges that will remain during and after the crisis – including access for biosimilars, how R&D processes affect reimbursement, and how pharma can work with payers to make sure as many patients as possible get access to drugs.

I hope you’re all staying safe in these unpredictable times!


George Underwood – editor, Deep Dive, Market Access: Breaking Barriers

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