Deep Dive: Future Pharma 2018

Welcome to the latest edition of pharmaphorum’s Deep Dive magazine, which looks ahead to how health will be managed and examines some of the new technologies facilitating transformation.

Chris Molloy of the Medicines Discovery Catapult explains why he believes SMEs hold the key to medical innovation, while Karen Taylor of Deloitte offers six predictions to take into account. Jez Moulding and Julian Tompkins of Ashfield provide their insights on how the industry is changing and the opportunities for outsourcing in a multichannel world.

Blockchain appears to be the technology of the moment and we hear how it is being applied in a genomic health data hub.

And what are the prospects for nanotechnology in the health sector? My article considers how micro developments have improved drugs and are likely to impact the industry.

I am moving on from pharmaphorum so this is my last edition of Deep Dive. Thank you for supporting the magazine under my editorship and look out for the next edition, Deep Dive: Oncology 2018.

Kind regards


Linda Banks – Managing Editor, Deep Dive
May 2018

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