Digital Health Innovation

I’m delighted to present to you this special digital health innovation edition of Deep Dive, produced in partnership with Healthware Group and Frontiers Health.

We begin the issue with a look at where healthcare is heading as medicine and digital converge, and examine the modern ecosystem of start-ups, investors and pharmaceutical companies that has developed around it.

There are features from some of the brightest starts-up and investors within digital health, including mySugr and One Drop. Venture capitalist Min-Sung Sean Kim shares his experiences of what start-ups need if they are to make a success of their work and Hikma Ventures’ Lana Ghanem on the adoption of healthcare technology and the role that pharmaceutical companies can play.

There’s also a look at digital therapeutics, both in terms of how they are transforming patient outcomes, as well as how regulators and payers have started to adapt to these new technologies.

The issue ends with coverage relating to the four key aspects of innovation engagement: innovation strategy, identifying and finding start-ups or other digital partners, working with start-ups and digital partners, and communicating innovation activities internally and externally within pharma.

For expert commentary on these themes we hear from Bayer’s Eugene Borukhovich on injecting a start-up spirit into a big pharma corporate system and from Pfizer’s John Gordon on how his company is collaborating with start-ups.

I hope you enjoy this issue of Deep Dive


Dominic Tyer – Editor, Deep Dive: Digital Health Innovation

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Next issue: Disruptive Technologies, November 2018

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