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Next-gen health consultancy

Healthware offers a unique blend of advisory and creative services, with innovation and technology capabilities, to deliver value to existing and emerging healthcare stakeholders.

Industry digital transformation

The consultancy works at the intersection of industry digital transformation and digital health to provide novel, integrated solutions to large healthcare companies and start-ups, but combining its marketing, communications and technology capabilities with an innovation consultancy and a vertical venture-incubator.

An expansive, integrated offering

The Healthware Labs and Healthware Engage specialty teams further expand the consultancy’s integrated offering with the addition of specific skills in open innovation and digital transformation processes and in customer and media engagement strategies.

Committed to innovation

Healthware’s commitment to innovation is also expressed through its role as co-host of global digital health conference Frontiers Health in Berlin and the Healthware Life Hub, an international innovation hub housed in an 11th century former monastery on Italy’s Amalfi coast.

Global health innovation

Healthware is on the side of those companies that have understood the extent and potential of the digital health transformation.

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Leadership from a thought-leader

Healthware is led by CEO and founder Roberto Ascione, a serial entrepreneur and global thought-leader in digital health, with more than 20 years of experience in marketing and communications, business transformation and innovation in health and wellness.

Independent thinking

Established in Italy, Healthware is now an independent global company with a team of about 800 and a strong international presence, with offices in New York, Kansas City, Chicago, London, Düsseldorf, Milan, Rome and Salerno. Thanks to its joint venture with Intouch Group, Healthware is also one half of the leading integrated pharmaceutical marketing agency partnership in the United States.


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