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The Vinehealth digital personalised cancer support platform maximises quality of life and clinical outcomes for cancer patients by delivering personalised cancer support at scale.

Comprising the Vinehealth patient app and the VinehealthPRO clinician dashboard, the Vinehealth digital cancer support platform generates highly valuable, real-world data for insight development, peer-reviewed publication and scientific meeting presentation, as well as to inform clinical decision-making, earlier detection of deteriorations, personalised patient follow-up, and more efficient healthcare resource delivery.

The Vinehealth app allows patients, via their own smartphones, to easily track, understand, and optimise their care, supporting them to feel in control and better self-manage. Patients can set reminders for medications and appointments, integrate lifestyle data from wearables and devices, and record and track clinically validated data on symptoms, toxicity, patient reported outcome measures (PROMs), and quality of life (QoL).

The VinehealthPRO clinician dashboard delivers rich, longitudinal data – such as PROMs generated from questionnaires, such as EQ5D – and red flag symptom data to inform both healthcare provision and academic research.  Clinicians can request and view custom symptom data, adverse events, PROMS, toxicity assessments, and clinical metrics such as temperature. Clinicians can view, pre-empt, and rapidly address clinical deteriorations and deliver more personalised, efficient care.

Patient Support Programmes (PSPs)

Vinehealth provides life sciences companies a regulatory compliant, off-the-shelf solution for digitised personalised cancer patient support programmes. With seamless patient onboarding through the VinehealthPRO platform used by cancer clinicians, and bespoke app content provided by you for your patient cohort of interest (e.g. patients using your anti-cancer drug), Vinehealth makes it easy to create, scale, and deliver digital personalised cancer patient support programmes that improve patient engagement, medication adherence, and treatment outcomes.

Vinehealth off-the-shelf PSP is:

  • Patient-centric – Vinehealth app is designed for and valued by thousands of cancer patients
  • Fast to market – Bespoke content can be rapidly integrated into the Vinehealth app and ready to deploy in days
  • Regulatory approvals for rapid scale are complete – including CE-marked class 1 medical device, Cyber Essentials certified, GDPR and HIPAA compliant, NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit certified

Deliver personalised patient support through the Vinehealth platform to:

  • Improve patient engagement, medication adherence, cancer treatment outcomes
  • Reduce burden on clinicians and healthcare resources
  • Generate rich PROMs and QoL data to inform improvement in cancer treatment, cancer services, and cancer treatments

Real-world evidence studies

Today, we have limited insight into cancer patient status between clinical encounters, where 99% of the disease experience occurs. Vinehealth digital personalised cancer patient support and seamless, remote data collection produces exceptional patient engagement over extended periods of time. Life science researchers can gather patient reported PROMs and QoL data reflecting cancer patients’ lived experience with cancer to generate publishable insights and real-world evidence.

Vinehealth real-world clinical studies provides:

  • An intimate lens on patients’ lived experience with cancer
  • Deeper understanding of patient cancer treatment, e.g. toxicity, PROMs, QoL
  • Aggregated, longitudinal, real-world data

Vinehealth Logo

About Vinehealth

Vinehealth was founded in 2018 by NHS medical doctor Dr Rayna Patel and health technology specialist Georgina Kirby, who both shared a vision of using technology to empower patients to take an active role in their cancer care. The result of their efforts, Vinehealth, offers patients, care teams, and life science partners a fully customisable and regulatory compliant platform to help achieve exceptional patient engagement, track medication adherence, toxicity and quality-of-life data, and to view and rapidly address clinical deteriorations.

Year founded



Dr Rayna Patel
Georgina Kirby

Headquarters location

London, UK

Support & Recognition
  • CE-marked class 1 medical device, FDA approved under enforcement discretion
  • Acceptance into NHS England Innovation Accelerator Programme supporting faster uptake and spread of high impact, evidence-based innovations across NHS England
  • Highest-rated cancer app, a score of 93% by The Organisation for the Review of Care and Health Apps (ORCHA)
  • Support across the health and life-science ecosystem, partnering with leading cancer charities including CRUK and Prostate Cancer Research, several Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs), and leading NHS cancer centres including Royal Marsden and UCLH.

The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust 2020 evaluation of the Vinehealth

  • 100% PROMS completion
  • 97% patient engagement
  • 87% of patients reporting improved quality of life through using the platform
  • 52% increase in medication adherence

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