Reinventing pharma operations: Embracing multi-resource planning technology

In the fast-paced and ever-changing pharmaceutical industry, stakeholders face a critical challenge: resolving the productivity drain caused by operational planning within rapidly evolving departmental environments. While multi-type resource management remains essential, inflexible legacy systems have often hindered it, sabotaging the quest for better communication and efficiency.

Addressing the productivity drain

Operational planning has been a longstanding concern for pharmaceutical stakeholders, as it can significantly impact productivity and resource utilisation. Legacy systems that lack flexibility limit the ability to manage multiple resource types, wasting time and impacting productivity from the outset.

Revolutionising resource management

The pharmaceutical industry’s diverse resource requirements demand an innovative approach to resource management. Through technological solutions designed to enable digital transformation, pharma will be empowered for success. Multi-resource planning technology presents a radical reinvention, enabling efficient planning, assignment, and scheduling of personnel, equipment, and materials. This transformative capability optimises departmental functionality and unlocks untapped potential.

Navigating uncertain environments

Pharmaceutical operations often face turbulent environments characterised by staff shortages, economic instability, and supply chain disruptions. They must also be prepared for emergency health events – potentially globally. Investing in technology that can assist administration becomes crucial to successfully support healthcare teams through uncertain periods and weather these strains.

Streamlining services through collaboration

Collaboration between hospitals, pharmacies, and other healthcare modalities is vital to improving patient care and treatment outcomes. The last few years have outlined why it is key to have collaborative systems in place to prepare for any eventuality. More robust planning technology serves as a catalyst for fostering such collaboration. By providing a unified platform for seamless communication and resource visibility, this technology can enable different entities to work together effectively. This streamlined approach optimises the entire healthcare ecosystem and sets the tone for the future of pharma operations.

About the author


Stephane Bensoussan is the head of operations at dizmo and the product owner of Planisy, the latest product powered by dizmo’s technology. Through his extensive industrial and technical background, Bensoussan brings over 30 years of experience working in high-tech environments across marketing, sales, business development, operations, strategic partnerships, and R&D. He is a cross-disciplinary individual who has the ability to bring new innovations to the market.

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