Deep Dive: Communications and Commercialisation 2022

There is little doubt that the arrival of COVID-19 changed the game for communication and commercialisation efforts for pharmaceutical companies around the world. Cut off from tried and tested methods of engaging with stakeholders, digital and virtual solutions were thrust into the limelight as the industry proactively accelerated the adoption of technology across all levels of healthcare.

While some doubted the staying power of digital tools, as traditional face-to-face interactions resumed it was clear that the days of single-channel engagement were gone. Instead, customers, patients, and industry stakeholders saw the benefits that technology could bring to the communication and commercialisation environment.

As we slowly work to recover from the impact of COVID, companies must now work to refine the use of digital tools to drive launch excellence and address changing HCP engagement needs in a post-pandemic landscape. In this issue of Deep Dive, M3’s Maxim Polyakov discusses how the pandemic has changed what HCPs need from pharma communications, Joyce Nortey and Christine Lemke examine the revolutionary impact of decentralised trials on the patient/industry connection, and Research Partnership’s Tania Rodrigues questions if gene therapies for prevalent diseases in Europe are the perfect storm of economic sustainability.

Plus, we find out how pharma marketing transformed from a wild west of quackery to a well-regulated source of information, and chart the key elements of a successful oncology launch with Envision.

For all this and more, read on.

I hope you are staying safe and well.


Eloise McLennan – editor, Deep Dive

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Patients & Partnerships (October 2022)

  • Patient experience and engagement
  • Improving patient care and value through co-creation


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