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There is no doubt that pharma has developed quite a bit regarding its digital maturity. That said, there is still much room left for growth.

Viseven has been involved in pharma marketing since 2009, providing interactive content development and cloud-based solutions for global pharmaceutical brands in over 50 countries worldwide. The marketing provider for health tech helps life sciences companies implement and execute omnichannel digital operating models and enterprise content strategy, including but not limited to modular content for more efficient engagement with healthcare professionals.

“The pharmaceutical industry and pharma marketing, in particular, are going through groundbreaking transformations. Businesses of all sizes, from small companies to big brands, have faced the need to adapt to the new rules of the game if they want to evolve and prosper,” says Viseven CEO Nataliya Andriychuk.

“The techniques that many pharma companies are considering for the future of marketing were revised by the Viseven team a long time ago. Now, we are looking for more ways to innovate pharma marketing and enhance our expertise with clients and partners, and I’m really excited about that.”

Streamlining growth and communication efficiency with omnichannel marketing

The omnichannel approach is a hot topic among the many services and solutions that Viseven offers. Andriychuk underlines that creating a cohesive and data-driven omnichannel strategy in the age of digital personalisation is the only way for a pharma brand to engage its target audience. Listening to the client’s needs and providing them with all the options that will continuously improve their communication is crucial for pharma today.

Life sciences companies have access to multiple online and non-digital channels to interact with their customers and nurture relationships with their partners. However, Nataliya Andriychuk points out that many companies still focus on a multichannel marketing approach, rather than omnichannel. Many tend to confuse the two, thinking they are the same. Omnichannel is about being cohesive, whereas multichannel offers the ability for every channel to act separately.

So, why is the omnichannel approach the better way? According to Andriychuk, another crucial advantage of switching from multichannel to omnichannel is the ability to cover the entire target audience of the pharma company at once by segmenting it into multiple groups. Developing segmentation strategies allows us to discover customers’ preferences and needs, which – in its turn – leads to planning the best customer journeys.

Thinking of omnichannel approach? Do not forget about modular content

Enhancing omnichannel marketing with a modular content approach is the backbone of omnichannel communication between healthcare professionals and their audiences. Targeting multiple audiences across numerous channels requires professionals to create a lot of content, as well as a unique personal content experience for every target audience.

To meet these challenges, Viseven developed eWizard, an omnichannel content management and acceleration platform powered by the modular approach, which allows marketers to break down content into the smallest possible semantic pieces called modules.

The benefits of the modular approach for omnichannel content marketing are colossal. When creating a content campaign for a particular audience, a specialist can reuse, interchange, and customise modules in any possible combination and for the channels they need. Modular content is a real game-changer because it eliminates content duplication and frees up significant resources to spend on other marketing activities.

Building end-to-end engagement models with full digital content factory

Our team’s experience with clients and partners over the years suggested that pharma had no content development standard and apposite content management system. The next idea after developing eWizard was to evolve a solution based on a single development standard to simplify and reduce the high costs of content production, release, and localisation.

“The world connected by digital capacities leaves no space for uncertainty. This global connection is crucial to building a secure business foundation for future growth. So, having a team around the world where every person has a remarkable vision and understanding of local specifics can boost chances of finding our customers no matter where they are on the map,” says Andriychuk.

“India has become a serious player in the global digital market in the past few years. We are truly looking forward to connecting our approaches, introducing new members to our team, and ultimately saving lives by improving communication.”

A digital content factory covers the entire content lifecycle with KPIs set for every channel, providing end-to-end delivery and support of services and all the digital initiatives at every customer experience stage, with more facilities for workload distribution. The factory is the collaboration of our specialists, in-house teams, and global and local agencies for handling the development and delivery.

Agility and resilience are key to success

It is no secret that the pandemic of 2019 hugely impacted all businesses, including pharma and life sciences. We had to adapt and roll with the punches, looking for new ways and approaches to communication. So, we did.

At Viseven, we implemented new ways to manage teams, staff, and offices. The remote follow-the-sun model has proven to be a success. Our teams are available to assist clients no matter where they are in the world.

Andriychuk stresses that having a game plan ahead of time, being prepared, and ensuring all processes continue to run is the key to managing a business in critical times. It is all about having an agile point of view. Adapting and showing strength are crucial to leading a successful business in pharma, regardless of the approach one chooses.

About the interviewee

Nataliya Andreychuk

As a digital marketing professional with over ten years of expertise, Nataliya Andreychuk has contributed to developing advanced digital solutions and software for clients in more than 70 global markets.

Andreychuk is also of Ukrainian background and witnessed the start of the war. However, being a global company leader, she had the hard task of balancing communication with clients and her staff, some of whom needed help relocating to safer areas. She was there at the beginning of digitalisation in life sciences and pharma marketing.

As part of her job as the CEO at Viseven, a global MarTech provider, she is bringing marketing interactions in pharma to the next level by introducing new methods to more companies.

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