Deep Dive: Communications 2020

COVID-19 might have forced pharma to finally fully embrace digital comms, but it’s been a steep learning curve and expertise varies across the industry.

Speaking to the various experts in this issue, one theme that came up again and again was that the techniques for successful communication on digital platforms are completely different to those needed for traditional comms. For those companies still moving away from a mindset of physical communications and in-person meetings, there’s never been a need for a faster digital transformation.

In this issue we hear from a variety of companies who are leading pharma comms into a new, digital era. Ian Daley and Jonathan Macdonald from EPG Health take us through best-practice techniques for producing content for HCPs; Impetus Digital’s Natalie Yeadon looks at the evolution of virtual meetings over the course of the pandemic; and Martin Warters from Medscape looks at how medical education is embracing virtual patient simulations.

Elsewhere, OPEN Health’s Beth Lesher and Annemarie Clegg examine what the convergence of med comms and market access means for pharma, and experts from ICON look at the specifics of making engaging scientific content for digital formats.

We also have an exclusive interview with Mike Dixon, CEO of the Healthcare Communications Association, to get his more general thoughts on the biggest challenges facing the industry and where it may be heading in the future.

Plus, we analyse new research from WEGO Health that looks at exactly what effect pharma comms are having on the industry’s reputation among patient leaders.

I hope you’re all staying safe in these unpredictable times!


George Underwood editor, Deep Dive

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Next issue: Digital Health Innovation
• Embedding digital in organisations
• The companies disrupting pharma
• New R&D strategies
• New models for market access


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