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Contents: April 2018


Deep Dive: Patient centricity II (April 2018)


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INTERVIEW: David Mitchell, Patients For Affordable Drugs

David Mitchell, President of Patients for Affordable Medicines, speaks to Andrew McConaghie about drug pricing in the US.

OPINION: Patients as partners – are we there yet?

Alastair Kent, ambassador for Genetic Alliance UK, points the way forward with patient engagement.

Five practical steps to patient centricity

Oliver Childs and Shai Blackwell of Anatomy Health offer guidance.

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Pharma must live and breathe patient centricity

NexGen’s Richard Evans and Emma Sutcliffe champion the cause of patient centricity.

The user experience in your clinical trials: it really matters

Duncan Arbour, Alex Brock and Marie Emms of Syneos Health explain why pharma needs to shift its mindset.

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Uncovering patient-centred insights

Linda Verplanck of Kantar Health says research must deliver information that transforms real-world outcomes.

Putting a patient-centric initiative in motion

How the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society is helping people manage their conditions better with interactive video.

ANALYSIS: How real-world data is driving patient-centric brand strategies

Matt Arnold of DRG presents the benefits of deep assessment of real-world data.

A guide for best practice in patient engagement

Caroline Benson, of the PM Society’s Patient Engagement Interest Group (PEIG) and Co-Founder of Cuttsy+Cuttsy, outlines the actions to take in this 10-step guide.

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7 QUESTIONS: The art of truly patient-centric design

DataArt's Ivan Pantykin on the evolution of an app for children with chronic conditions.

Non-adherence: pharma’s final financial frontier

Tom Kottler of HealthPrize Technologies talks about avoidable annual losses in pharma and what actions to take to recover that revenue.

Caring for the carers

Scott Williams & Madeleine Starr talk about the Embracing Carers initiative that is supported by Merck.

Santhera: pharma can deliver a patient-centric vision

Vanessa dos Reis Ferreira expands on how her company is focused on understanding patient needs.

What is Health Creation?

Neil McGregor-Paterson provides the answer – and expands on why it is important.

OPINION: Diagnostic tests: power to the people

Leigh Thomas of BBI Solutions thinks allowing the pubic to self-test will help them and health systems.

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